WILLMOTT FORESTS 1995-1999 PROJECT (ARSN 089 598 612)

The scheme is a pine scheme on more than 5,000 hectares of land on a number of properties in New South Wales and in Victoria.

Primary was appointed responsible entity at a meeting of Growers (scheme members) in 2012.  Since that time, Primary has successfully operated the plantations from an office at Bombala, New South Wales.

All disputes between Primary and the Liquidators of Willmott Forests Ltd have now been settled and the Liquidators have agreed to sell the plantation land to Primary (for the scheme). For further information see press release of 10th July 2017  Press release 10 July 17 (33.1 k)

Settlement of the sale of  Avonleigh & Cabanandra Plantations took place on 1 June 2018 and payment for the purchase of the land, the subject of the scheme, to the Liquidators took place simultaneously.

Snow at the plantations – August 2020




Bushfire Situation in NSW and VIC as at 14 January 2020

The immediate threat to plantations has eased but uncontrolled fires continue to burn to the East, South and West of the Bombala township and the WF 95-99 plantations.

Bushfire Situation in NSW and VIC as at 6 January 2020

Primary are able to report that that to date, none of the WF 95-99 plantations have been impacted by the devastating bush fires in VIC and NSW.

There are still uncontrolled fires burning in Southern NSW and VIC that still have the potential to impact our plantations in the coming days / week.

Our forester is monitoring conditions closely and liaising with the relevant fire agencies. We remain ready to respond to any impact with fire crews and heavy plant on standby.

Bushfire Situation in NSW and VIC as at 2 January 2020

We understand you must be concerned about the current bushfire situation in NSW and VIC.

At this stage we can report that none of the WF 95-99 plantations have been impacted by fire or are under any immediate threat.

The attached tourist leave now notice has been issued today.

There are 3 scheme plantations located within this zone. A community meeting will take place in Bombala tomorrow at 11.00am.

As per usual practice Primary have fire-fighting crews on standby and have heavy plant ready to respond. We will update the website with any significant changes.

Audited Financial Statements

 Financial report for the year ended 30 June 2020

Financial report for the half year ended 31 December 2019

Financial report for the year ended 30 June 2019

Product Ruling Addendum

The terms of an Addendum to each of the existing product rulings have been settled with the Australian Taxation Office and are available to view below.

 Letter from ATO dated 20 February 2014 (54.1 k)

 PR 199/20WA (339 k)    PR 2001/159WA (340 k)    PR 2002/113WA (337 k)

 PR 2002/114WA (337 k)    PR 2002/115WA (337 k)    PR 2002/116WA (337 k)


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