Greyhound Syndicates Trust ARSN 618 037 826

The Greyhound Syndicates Trust is a registered managed investment scheme and is designed to provide members of the public with the opportunity to become a member of a Greyhound Syndicate, which will be managed to encourage high welfare standards for the Working Life and Retirement of the Greyhound.

The Syndicate Administrator is Greyhound Syndicating Services Pty Ltd ACN 625 939 317.

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Notice is hereby given that Primary Securities Ltd has elected to rely on ASIC Class Order 13/760 (Instrument).

Change of Compliance Plan Auditor

The Compliance Plan auditor for the Greyhound Syndicates Trust –  Mr Marius Van Der Merwe of 50 Colins Street, West Perth – has resigned as a consequence of the auditor rotation policy.

ASIC has granted its consent to the resignation of Mr Marius Van Der Merwe.

Ms Lucy Gardner of 50 Colins Street, West Perth – has accepted the appointment as the replacement Compliance Plan auditor.