SMSF Invest Property Fund


In 2015, a number of unit holders in this Fund were concerned that their investment had been substantially lost by the previous management.

At a meeting of unitholders held on 12th December 2015 unitholders voted to appoint Primary as responsible entity of the fund.

ASIC approved the change of responsible entity to Primary on 7th January 2016 effective 12 December 2015.

With very few funds remaining on takeover, Primary has had to enforce the delivery to it of documents regarding the history of the Fund, and has obtained the opinion of counsel in relation to what claims may be able to be made.  This opinion has been made available to unit holders under confidentiality.

Primary has commenced the process to deregister the Scheme.

Audited Financial Statements

Financial report for the year ended 30 June 2017 (1.47 Mb)