A Company may register with Primary Securites to receive information on investment opportunities now – or in the future.

Registering with Primary Securities now means that as soon as the right opportunity arises you need only complete a simple application form.

Complete and submit the form below, being sure to address the Proof of Identity requirements for the Company and, if applicable, its beneficial owners. Please ensure that a completed FATCA/CRS self-certification form is also lodged with your registration.

Client Registration Form Company Application


    This Client Registration Form is to be completed to enable Primary Securities Ltd to keep your Investment details on file and to be used should you wish to invest in future Product Disclosure Statements issued by Primary Securities Ltd.
  • Quotation of TFN or ABN

    Quotation of your Tax File Number (TFN) or Australian Business Number (ABN) is not compulsory and will not affect your registration. However, if you do not provide this information we will be required to deduct tax from your distributions at the highest marginal rate. If exempt, please supply supporting documentation.
  • Company Details

    If "Other" please specify
  • Given Name(s)Surname 
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  • Beneficiary Details

    If the company is an ASIC registered proprietary company, not listed on an exchange and not regulated or a private company registered by a foreign registration body please provide details for each Beneficial Owner having more than 25% of the company’s issued share capital through direct or indirect shareholdings or those individuals who directly or indirectly control the company. If no such person can be identified please provide details of the most senior managing officials of the company.
    In this context regulated means subject to supervision beyond that provided by ASIC as a company registration body. Examples include Australian Financial Services Licensees, Australian Credit Licensees and Registrable Superannuation Licensees.
  • Additional Shareholder Details
  • Politically Exposed Persons

    “Politically exposed person” means an individual who holds a prominent public position or function in a government body.
  • Are any of the beneficial owners detailed on this form a politically exposed person or organisation?
  • Contact and Communication

  • Please note this email address will be used as the primary point of contact for correspondence.
  • Declaration and Signature

    We the above named applicants:
    1. declare that the details given in this Client Registration Form are true and correct.
    2. declare that Primary Securities Ltd is authorised to maintain this information to be used for providing the applicant with information about future offers and invest in a particular product.
    If signed under power of attorney, the attorney encloses a certified copy of the power of attorney and declares that he/she has not received notice of revocation of that power.
  • Proof of ID Requirements (Company)

  • A certificate of registration or incorporation issued by ASIC or the relevant foreign registration body showing name of company, name of registration body, company identification number and type of company or a recent ASIC search (Australian registered companies) or if regulated a record of regulated status via search of regulator’s register ie RSE licence from APRA or AFSL from ASIC
  • Please ensure all documents are certified copies. (see list at Proof of ID page)
  • Proof of ID Requirements (Beneficial Owners)

    Please upload proof of identification documents for all Beneficial Owners named in this form to fulfil the requirements of the Anti Money Laundering and Counter- Terrorism Financing Legislation (see below for links)
    Further information on these sections can be accessed at the links below.

Be sure to upload your Proof of ID and complete the FATCA/CRS form to enable immediate processing.