AC Capital Trust Application


This application form accompanies the Information Memorandum dated 15 February 2019 issued by Primary Securities ABN 96 089 812 635 in its capacity as trustee of AC Capital Trust.

The Manager of AC Capital Trust is Active Commercial Pty Ltd ACN 617 087 671.

This Fund is available to wholesale investors only.

You must read the Information Memorandum before completing and signing this form.

 Information Memorandum dated 15 February 2019

Written applications for Units in the Fund and cleared funds must be received by the Trustee before the 25th day of the Month.


Please use the details below, using your investor name as the reference:

Bank: Westpac Bank
Account Name: Primary Securities Ltd atf AC Capital Trust Application Account
BSB: 036 048 Account Number: 449813
Reference   Your Investor Name


  • Investment Amount

  • Initial Investment minimum $10,000 (subject to the Trustee’s discretion)
    Please enter a value greater than or equal to 10000.
  • This Fund is available to wholesale investors only. If investing under $500,000 please attach an accountant's certificate.
  • Distributions

    Please specify bank account details and preferences for allocation of distributions below:
  • Tick the applicable box.
  • Account details for receipt of distributions
    BankAccount Name (must be the same as the account holder's name):BSBAccount Number 
  • Declaration and Signature

    I/We declare and agree that:
    1. the details given in this application are true and correct.
    2. I/we have received, read and understood the current Information Memorandum to which this application relates and agree to be bound by the Trust Deed governing the Fund;
    3. My/our information will be collected and used in accordance with Primary Securities Ltd’s privacy policy;
    4. I/we have provided a wholesale investor certificate should my investment be less than A$500,000 or I am a professional investor.
    5. I/we are not aware of and have no reason to suspect that the moneys used to fund my investment have been or will be derived from or related to any money laundering, terrorism financing or similar illegal activities and that I/we will continue to comply with Australian anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing laws.
    6. I/we acknowledge that the Fund is subject to investment risks which could include delays in repayment, and loss of income and capital invested and that no member of Primary Securities Ltd, or any of its agents guarantees the performance of the Fund or any particular rate of return;

    If signed under power of attorney, the attorney encloses a certified copy of the power of attorney and declares that he/she has not received notice of revocation of that power. If the applicant is a company, two (2) directors or a director and secretary must sign, unless the company is a sole director company, in which case the sole director only must sign.