About Primary Securities Ltd (Primary)


  • was established in 1999
  • holds AFSL No. 224107;   Click to view
  • operates schemes around Australia;
  • has NTA in excess of $1m;
  • is currently licensed as responsible entity for fourteen registered managed investment schemes and six unregistered schemes;
  • oversees major schemes in property development, investments and forestry;
  • administers assets in excess of $100m.

Primary has considerable experience in operating a wide variety of registered and unregistered managed investment schemes.

Over the last ten years Primary and related companies have been appointed as the replacement responsible entity of more than 18 schemes where the previous responsible entity had been placed in external control or the scheme was impaired.

Under the Australian Financial Services Licence granted by ASIC, Primary currently has responsible managers possessing the extensive knowledge and additional skills required to enable us to manage a range of asset classes including:

  • Property and property developments
  • Mortgages
  • Securities and investments
  • Forestry
  • Film
  • Art
  • Water